I’m so bored

I was really bored so I decided to draw random things I found in my room. At the moment I’m studying Creative Industires at Vic Uni so hopefully by the end of it I might get a little better 🙂


P.S; Yes, there is washing powder in my room 🙂



I recently brought a cheap ukulele, even though it’s not exactly a top quality one I still love it! It’s just fun to muck around and not actually be too serious about leanring an intrument. It’s so easy too, much easier than playing guitar.

This is just a quick little song I learnt by Cat Power, hope you like it xo

Shitty pics

So these are the pictures I finally got developed! I won $50 at Bingo so I could actually afford it! Not worth it though, they all look pretty horrible but they do make me laugh. Thought it would be more interesting if I added some captions 🙂

Hope you like them better than I do xo

I saw sparks.

These are some photo’s I took of my friend Karly one night. We went down to the oval near my house when it was pitch black and experimented with sparklers and candles using no flash. I’m no photographer (or trying to be) but I just had these images in my head and gave it a go. I was inspired by the Coldplay song Sparks.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them xo


I’m poor.

I have some film I need to get devolped, but can’t because I have no money.

Anyway, enjoy these photo’s of mine because I do.


Sending my out my love.

My brother and I on a day of muck.

“Wait for me..”

Didn’t anybody tell you this was an all white party?

Souuuul fooood.

Oh hai Lisa!